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Family Fun in Aviemore

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Family Fun in Aviemore

Family Fun in Aviemore

Landmark Forest Adventure Park

Attractions in Landmark Forest Adventure Park include:

  • Butterfly House 
  • Wee Monkey Trail 
  • Shooting Gallery 
  • Bamboozeleum 
  • Pinnacle Climbing Wall 
  • Lost Labyrinth
  • Runaway Timber Train
  • Wonders Wood
  • Wild Water Coaster
  • The Ancient Forest
  • Forest Safari Ride 
  • Ropeworx

Voted "The perfect family day out" by Visit Scotland and Daily Mail readers. some remarks made on TripAdvisor:- "Landmark - Highland gem" "Brilliant - 10 stars!" "Could not fault!" "Great for kids, including any adults 'inner kid'"

Strathspey Steam Railway

A classic Dining Experience is offered as you move through the Scottish Highlands. The food catering offers special Evening Dining with 'Tastes of Scotland' throughout the summer. Traditional Sunday Luncheons are available weekly. Everyday Light Luncheon and Afternoon Tea services are provided.

The Fun House

Let the kids burn energy in our treehouse-themed soft play centre. With 3 degrees of slides, ropes and ball pits, the soft play supplies a risk-free atmosphere for children to have fun. Watch out for Cyril the Squirrel and his furry friends who commonly decrease in to see us!

  • Treehouse Soft Play Centre Over 3 Levels
  • Free WiFi
  • Devoted Toddler Zone and Silent Space
  • Cafe and American Diner
  • Safe accessibility and CCTV


Beginning at the TreeZone Fortress, The TreeCreeper bargains twelve obstacles up to five metres off the ground. This course is appropriate for those aged seven years old and 1.1 m tall. No previous experience is needed. Venture out along the Fortress Gangplank, teeter throughout the Postman's Walk, jump across the Big Gap, fly down the Zip Wire, totter over the Indiana Jones Bridge and shuffle over the Mosquito Net.

Outside Discovery

The slogan at Outdoor Discovery is "driven by smiles" which's precisely just what they have been doing for 27 years. This is available in Aviemore and the Cairngorm National Park. They Offer enjoyable activities at numerous places in the Aviemore and Cairngorm area. The primary Outdoor Discovery Park remains on the grounds of the Hilton Coylumbridge Hotel, at Coylumbridge, Aviemore.

Are you planning a visit to Cairngorm National Park? Superior Highland Lets offer luxury accommodation in Aviemore Scotland.