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Complete Guide to Aviemore - Part 2

We continue our guide to attractions and activities in Aviemore. If you are visiting the Highlands, you will find amazing surroundings and lots to do for the whole family.

Walking in Aviemore

Walking in Aviemore

Loch an Eilein

This offers a beautiful walking trail with water surroundings, reflecting the magnificent pine forest. There is a ruined island castle and this forms part of the charm of this Scotland walking trail. You can take guided walks, making it a great outdoor activity for young and old.

Coire an Lochain

This is perfect if you are looking for a quieter alternative to the popular Coire a t-Sneachda walk. It is a beautiful destination and offers fine rock architecture as well as perfect scenic views. 


This nature reserve has beautiful woods and excellent views from Cairngorns. The trail is around an hour and it’s a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can view wild Cairngornms as well as beautiful peregrine falcons. 

Ryvoan Pass

This route is rarely used these days but it’s still a great one to enjoy. You can take part in a relaxing walk in the wonderful Abernethy Forest as you descent to Nethy Bridge. It’s a great outing for young and old and you can also time your walk for the buses. 

Geal Charn Mor

This can be found on the southeasternmost summit of Monadh Liath plateaux. It offers a fairly simple walk but you can enjoy magnificent views of Cairngorms all over Strathspey. It’s a smooth walk, and then it gets a little rougher in a few places. Perfect for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Aviemore Tours

Aviemore Tours

Highland Wildlife & Birdwatch Safaris

This Wild Life and bird watch Safari gives you the opportunity to enjoy a tranquil environment with a magnificent view of the bird life. You could enjoy the wildlife as it is in Aviemore, and it's a perfect outing for a family getaway.

Aviemore Segway Treks

If you love riding Segway, this Segway track is ideal. It offers an exciting off-road track where you can experience the highland of Scotland. You will have an instructor will show you some of the best tracks and views available in Scotland.

Out in the Hills Day Tours

If you want something with more thrills, you can enjoy a guided walk and camping in the wilderness in the Scottish Highlands. You can enjoy the mountains and Hills in the company of an enthusiastic guide with many years of experience in Mountain walking.

Cairngorm Sleddog Centre

Another great activity you can take part in SD Cairngorm sled dog Centre. Based in Scotland, this is definitely recommended to visit if you want to experience Snow Dogs and endless options of magnificently.

Stewart Mountain Skills

This is a guided Mountain walk with complete instruction to enjoy a variety of mountain scenery in Scotland. We're gonna do a rock climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, and ski touring Atlas fun venue. There is also a lot of family activities available.

Boat Tours and Water Sports

Full On Adventure

This event has a variety of great outdoor activities and this includes wild adventure terrains. Based in Aviemore, you can enjoy activities such as rubber tubing, whitewater rafting, river touring kayak and canoe trips. There's also sea kayaking as well as guided mountain biking and lessons available. It's great for people who love the Outdoors.

G2 Outdoor - Day Activities

This gives you the option to enjoy outdoor activities such as white water rafting and more. You can also enjoy mountaineering for families or individuals, as well as venues that are perfect for corporate and military groups. Team adventures are always exciting, which is why this is the perfect location for your team or your family getaway. 

Active Outdoor Pursuits

This is a very popular location especially for people who love adventure holidays in Scotland. There is rock climbing, abseiling, winter mountaineering, ice climbing, and more. You will be assisted by highly qualified guides and they cater for all levels of abilities.

Cairngorm Adventure Guides

If you looking for a fun day out with the whole family, you can enjoy adventurous such as river rafting, as well as kayaking and canoeing, and more. With great environments are beautiful scenic views, this is ideal for a family getaway.

Pubs and Bars

Old Bridge Inn

This is located on the banks of the Spey and very close to the ski slopes. This is a great get away with live music at log fires. You can also enjoy a selection of ales as well as excellent foods. You can enjoy food and drink in a traditional atmosphere in Scotland. 

The Winking Owl

This is a legendary location that is now managed by the Cairngorm Brewery. They have an extensive refurbishment and now offer a warm and cosy atmosphere while they see if outstanding food and a variety of keg ales. It’s a very popular hotel and bar in the area and a favourite among locals.

Rowan Tree Hotel

You can enjoy a variety of delicious meals in Scotland, including breakfast from a list of traditional items, and dinner is served at 5:30 p.m. Meals are prepared for yourself and they also cater for special diets. You can enjoy the bar where they have a personal selection of great value wines from all around the world.

Glenmore Lodge

You can come and enjoy a great bar atmosphere and also enjoy a drink while you overlook the great mountains. They also offer an open fire and pool tables for added entertainment. This lodge offers serene surroundings and this is perfect if you are looking for a great bar with a quiet getaway.

Spey Valley Sports Bar

You can enjoy the bar at the main lodge that is right next to Spey Valley. This is a sports bar and the ideal way to relax with a drink while you watch your favourite sport in a great atmosphere with family and friends. It’s a social atmosphere where you can relax and enjoy the evening. 

Eating Out

Anderson's Restaurant

This restaurant offers a traditional Scottish atmosphere and it's a great way to enjoy a wide variety of meals and drinks. They have an extensive menu and a few popular meals as well.

Carrbridge Kitchen

This restaurant has amazing scenery and offers you a variety of great foods popular to the region. You can enjoy the traditional meals in a quiet atmosphere. Perfect for the whole family.

Mountain Café

This restaurant is based in Aviemore and has a very high rating for their good quality food. They have a selection of traditional menu items and they have qualified Chefs to prepare your personal meal. You can enjoy a quiet evening with family and friends in this great restaurant. 

La Taverna

This Restaurant has an amazingly beautiful atmosphere and is very popular among locals. They offer an all you can eat Italian cafe, and they are ranked within the top 5 restaurants in Aviemore. They have a selection of popular local meals too, making it the perfect pub and restaurant to visit in Scotland.

Guide to Aviemore Part 1

We tried to include as much information as we could about the local area for you to enjoy. Our guide was too big to fit on one page so we have continued it in Part 1. Please follow the link below to continue reading our guide.

Staying in Aviemore

We hope that you have found this guide useful. As you can see there is a wide range of activities and attractions for the whole family to enjoy. If you are planning a visit to the Highlands, we offer a selection of self-catering holiday lodges which sleep between 5 and 8 people.

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