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Places to Visit in Aviemore

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  • Places to Visit in Aviemore
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  • 12-07-2017
Places to Visit in Aviemore

Places to Visit in Aviemore

CairnGorm Mountain

This is a 'must-do' experience exploring the heart of the Cairngorms National Park!

You can easily walk to the summit of Cairn Gorm. Join knowledgeable guides, finding out about the unique fauna and vegetations that survive here. Getting to amazing elevations of over 4,000 feet. You'll experience unforgettable panoramas of the whole of the Cairngorms and awesome sights.

Glenmore Forest Park

At the heart of the Forest Park, the site visitor centre is a dreamland to start your visit. Discover more about this fantastic woodland, choose from a range of tracks and kick back in the popular coffee shop. You can go on a pursuit to an enchanting lochan, walk to get to one of the best views on Speyside. There are more routes, consisting of all-ability access routes. Cross the road to Loch Morlich beach.

Scot Mountain Day Tours

There is something uniquely attractive regarding the Scottish Highlands. There are many ranges around the world and amazing tops. But when it involves sheer appeal, the Scottish hills certainly have the edge. These might not be the highest possible mountains on the planet however just what we do have is a superb range of mountain-scapes. The excellent mass of the Cairngorms in the East to the Fortressed heights of Torridon in the west.  The Monoliths of Assynt in the North to the myriad of heights in the south. The unique mix of wild sturdy hills, loch, sea, and the soft light of these high latitudes offers a unique charm. There is, certainly, a lifetime of remarkable sites & journey up here.

Logie Estate

Enjoy eating, shopping, fishing and strolling. Logie supplies chances for year-round talks, programs, theatre, exhibits, exterior activities and events. If you want to learn what's on, or holding your very own training course, conference, or talk at Logie you'll find out even more right here.

Culloden Battlefield

On 16 April 1746, the last Jacobite Rising came to a harsh head in among one of the most harrowing fights in British history. Jacobite supporters looked to restore the Stuart monarchy to the British throne. This is where they collected to eliminate the Duke of Cumberland's federal government troops. It was the last pitched battle on British ground and, in less than an hour, around 1,500 men were slain-- more than 1,000 of them Jacobites.

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